Go to The Source - Apple in Education How-To Videos

General Tips
• Take some time to go carefully through the Settings on your iPad...you'll find some amazing features that you may not find otherwise.
• Refresh - Occasionally turn off your iPad by holding sleep button until red bar appears, then slide the red bar.
• Touch the Time to scrol back to the top of a page in most apps, including browsers and mail
• From Home screen, swipe right, or press the Home button once to get to the search screen - search apps, contacts, mail and more...or even the Web or Wikipedia!
• close or quick change apps
• Quick App Change - Press Home button twice from any screen or app to view the application bar, apps listed are apps that have been used recently; you can touch one to go back to it.
• Press Home button twice and swipe icon bar right to access iPod, volume, brightness, and either mute or screen lock (you looked at the Settings already, right? So you choose what that switch on the side of your iPad does, right?)
• Quick mute by holding volume down button for a few secs

Staying Organized
Hold your finger on an app until it shakes. Now drag it on top of another app...a folder is magically created. Just drag other apps into the folder or drag all apps out of the folder to delete the folder itself.

As Seen On TV
• Zoom - pinch to zoom in apps, expand to go back to normal view (or double tap in some apps)
• Take a Screenshot of your iPad screen by pressing the Home and Sleep buttons at the same time...it will be in Photos.

• Force reboot by holding home and sleep buttons until reboot starts
• In any app, hold your finger on a word and you will get different options, depending on the app: in note taking apps you'll get options for select, select all, copy; in books you may get a definition or the option to highlight or make a note - try it in every app!
• Copy / Paste - hold your finger on a word, press Select, then you'll get options for cut, copy, paste and replace.
• Accents, etc - hold a keyboard item to see what other characters are available
• Numbers - hold the ?123 button and slide your finger to the number you need, then release
• Quick quotes, and apostrophe - touch the ! key and swipe up to get a quote ' mark...use the ? key for "
• Quick sentence - Double tap space bar for period space (. )
• Press .?123 to get buttons for for undo/redo

• use the bookmarks bar
• create a shortcut on home screen by using the arrow icon in Safari
• type a word in the search bar and the bottom suggestion will be 'search on page'
• use two fingers to scroll in embedded chat windows
• Tap/hold any image to get save dialogue; image saves to Photos
• Tap/hold links to get open in new window option

Care and Feeding
• keep out of sun...NEVER leave in car
• use water and microfiber cloth for screens

Battery Savers
• keep out of sun
• use wifi instead of 3G when possible
• use lower screen brightness
• lower volume
• Use airplane mode (turns off 3G and wifi)
• reduce calendar and mail checking as well as notifications
• Turn off Bluetooth when not needed
• turn off location services when not needed
• 'push' is more efficient than 'fetch' for mail/calendars
• don't leave battery fully charged or completely discharged for long; otherwise, lithium-ion batteries have memory problems

• use GoodReader to read and markup PDF files - or use Dropbox to read them in iBooks
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