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Apps marked with * are recommended by the Tech Team
or may already be on your iPad

Misc. Useful Apps (all free)
Discovr Apps - Search for your favorite app, then see others that are simillar.
Overdrive - search and borrow books from your public library!
Photoshop Express - Photo editing
*IEP Checklist - helpful in creating IEPs
Document Storage, Backup & File Transfer
iCloud - (your Apple account - not yet live) iStorage - $6 - Remote access to computer (but not your school computer) Nebulous Notes - $3 (text editor for Dropbox) (try free version first)
*Dropbox - Document Storage WriteUp - $3 (text editor for Dropbox)
Rackspace Cloud  
Send Stuff Now  
Book Readers
iBooks (Apple's eReader)

You'll find some titles will only be available on one or 2 of these e-readers, so it helps to have all 3.

These all offer free books, both old and new, but you have to hunt for them.

Kindle (Amazon eReader)
Nook (Barnes & Noble eReader)
Audible - audio books
*Safari (included in iPad) Atomic Browser - $1 (Includes Dropbox)
Atomic Browser Lite Photon Flash Web Browser - $4 (allows viewing of some Flash websites)
iChromy Mercury Browser Pro - $1
Mercury Browser Lite SkyFire - $3 (allows viewing of some Flash Web sites)
Document Readers / Editors
Documents Free - Open Word and other text documents and some editing *GoodReader - $5 (annotate, create folders to organize, opens zipped with Dropbox)
*Documents 2 Free - Open Word and other text documents and some editing *QuickOffice Pro HD - $20 (Create & Edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access for iPad - $10 on iPhone only. Works with Dropbox)
  Office2HD - $10 for suite: Word, Excel, Powerpoint (create and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint; opens other file formats like pdf; connects to Google Doc, Mobileme, Dropbox, and others)
  Documents to Go Premium - $17 (includes editing of Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, connecting to GoogleDocs, MobileMe and others; opens other file formats like pdf)
  iWork - $10 for each: Pages, Numbers, Keynote - gets (highest customer ratings; edit Pages, Word, Numbers, Excel or Keynote, PowerPoint; opens other file formats like pdf; connects to Google Doc, Mobileme, Dropbox, and others)
 Note Taking
Notes - comes on the iPad *GoodReader - $5 (annotate, create folders to organize, open zipped files, view and annotate pdf files, word, excel, etc. Works with Dropbox.) Better for viewing and annotating pdf files.
abcNote - Create text, & photo notes, create several workspaces (think of them as bulletin boards) to keep notes organized. ($2 for additional features) Awesome Notes - $5 (syncs with Evernote (not required), gtd style notes, allows drawing, attach photos, maps, add alarms and more)
*Evernote - Create text, photo and audio notes, create folders to organize, create notebooks; auto backup to the web. Better for saving and organizing notes and documents. * FastEver XL - $5 (supports notesbooks, tags, geolocation, checkboxes for todo lists and more. Saves notes in with Dropbox.) Better for taking quick notes
Dragon Dictation - Voice recognition app. Yes. Free. But requires you to be online HyperNote - $3 (create links, free draw, templates, type, etc - compare to Vizio)
neu.Notes - Whiteboard type notes taking - multiple pens, notes, drawings, etc Notability - $3 (free draw, type, indent, bullets, etc)
Notes n More - Create and Organize Tasks, notes, voice memos, freehand drawing, Internet web page saving, pictures and videos Note Taker HD - $5 (customizable shapes, insert images, footers, organize with tags, etc.)
Apps for Instruction
Mental Case Classroom Edition - Create or download flash cards and distribute to other iPads or iPhones. Agendas - $10 (Create agendas for meetings or classroom)
mxMobileHD - eWalk client Mental Case Flashcards HD - $5 (Create or download flash cards and distribute to other iPads or iPhones.)
*PowerTeacher Mobile - Use your gradebook and access student information from your iPad! We'll let you know when this is ready for you to use on the iPad! My LessonPlan - $3 (Create lesson plans)
ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard - create tutorals using a whiteboard, including voice overs, photos, drawing, etc.

SeatCharter - $2 (Create seating charts)

  Splashtop Whiteboard - $10 (Turns your iPad into an interactive whiteboard with basic functions...great if you don't have an ActiveBoard in the room.
  Splashtop XDisplay - $10 or free for 10 minute sessions. (Remotely access your computer (while at the school) to allow you to walk around the class while teaching.)
Mail - included in iPad (works with Outlook, Apple Mail, Google, and others, all in one place) Better Webmail - $2 (For multiple users on one iPad)
Ginbox - for multiple Google mail accounts Outlook Web Mail - $4 (Access email and calendar)
  Outlook Pro - $7 (Access mail & calendar, also view Word, Excel and PowerPoint attachments)
iCal - comes on iPad (sync your Outlook, Apple Calendar, Google, and others, all in one place) Calvetica Calendar - $5 (adds snooze to alerts)
  Pocket Informant HD - $15 (adds GTD or Covey style todo management, syncs with iCal, Outlook, Google and Toodledo calendars.)
Apps for Teachers
Brain Pop Featured Movie - Learn something different every day! Mobile Mouse - $3 (Turns your iPad into a remote trackpad (and keyboard) for your computer.)
Prezi Viewer - for students using Prezi  
Ted Talks - great videos from inspirational people  
Guardian Eyewitness App - a great way to start discussions  
Idea Sketch - Create Mind Maps  
*IEP Checklist - helpful in creating an IEP  

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